Multiple IdP Selector
RECIPES › AUTHENTICATION BROKER > MULTIPLE IDP SELECTOR Ingredients Azure AD Maverics Salesforce Target App Multiple IdP Selector Learning to deploy smart authentication via contextual ldP routing is simple with Maverics recipes. Use this recipe to: Support mixed user groups and multiple concurrent ldP options with identity coexistence Enable policy-based application authentication behavior with smart... Read More ›
Multiple MFA Selector
RECIPES › AUTHENTICATION BROKER > MULTIPLE MFA SELECTOR Ingredients Azure AD Maverics RSA SecurID YubiKey Target App Multiple MFA Selector Replacing legacy RSA SecurID with YubiKey passwordless authentication. Use this recipe to: Replace outdated VPN-centric MFA tokens and adopt modern FIDO2 authentication without custom code Enroll users in YubiKey protection without any interruption to existing... Read More ›
HYPR Authentication
RECIPES › PASSWORDLESS > HYPR AUTHENTICATION Ingredients Azure AD HYPR Maverics Target App HYPR Authentication Use this recipe to: Quickly deploy HYPR passwordless protection to any on-prem or cloud app Phased deployment reduces risk and supports coexistence of authentication solutions Enable new recovery options via orchestration of additional authentication solutions Reduce friction by enrolling users... Read More ›