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Strata Identity Introduces Free Discovery Tool for Legacy to Cloud Identity Migration

Identity Discovery screenshot - Strata.ioMaverics Identity Discovery Simplifies the Discovery Process by Cataloging Apps, Identities, and Dependencies in Less than 10 Minutes

BOULDER, Colo., July 14, 2021 – Strata Identity, the distributed, multi-cloud identity orchestration company, today announced the launch of Maverics Identity Discovery, a free software tool that automates the manual process of identifying and cataloging on-premises identity environments, to reduce cloud migration project times from months to hours.

According to the recent State of Multi-Cloud Identity Report 2021, 70% of organizations said they have an active cloud migration project planned this year since most on-premises identity systems are nearing end-of-life and will no longer be supported in 2022.

Discovery and cataloging of a legacy identity system are necessary before the start of any migration project. It is an extremely manual process because there is no unified view of older environments that span multiple stakeholders, have evolved over years, and contain hidden complexities. As a result, identity administrators must not only identify each app but also interview and gain buy-in from each application owner — a process that often takes many months to complete at high-dollar and opportunity costs. 

Complete Visibility in 10 Minutes or Less

Maverics Identity Discovery is a free, lightweight command-line tool and browser interface that extracts, analyzes, and visualizes the information in an enterprise identity environment in minutes. Since it is locally run and hosted, all information gathered remains private to the organization using it. For prioritization planning, Maverics Identity Discovery also generates a complexity score for each app that measures the effort that will be required for migration based on interdependencies and factors including a number of rules, responses, headers, and custom code.

“Several factors are driving the migration of on-premises identity systems and apps to the cloud, including end-of-life deadlines, reducing licensing costs, security concerns, and modernization initiatives,” said Eric Leach, Chief Product Officer for Strata. “Maverics Identity Discovery takes the pain out of cloud migration by providing unified and deep visibility into on-premises identity systems that slashes project times to just hours and can save millions of dollars in manual labor costs.” 

In 10 minutes or less, Maverics Identity Discovery delivers a single comprehensive view of the following:

  • Agents and agent groups
  • Domains
  • Realms
  • Rules
  • Responses, response attributes, and headers where attributes are set
  • Resources (e.g. URLs)
  • User directories
  • Global settings (rules, responses, etc.)
  • Identity system access logs that show various user and app activities

The first version of Maverics Identity Discovery for SiteMinder 12.8 is available for free download immediately. To get started visit this link.

Understand your SiteMinder environment in less than 10 minutes. Really.

About Strata
Strata is pioneering the concept of identity orchestration for distributed, multi-cloud identity. The Maverics Platform enables enterprises to seamlessly unify on-premises and cloud-based authentication and access systems for consistent identity management in multi-cloud environments. Strata’s distributed approach to identity enables organizations to break decades-old vendor lock-in, preventing a broader transition of enterprise workloads to the public cloud. The company’s founders co-authored the SAML open standard for identity interoperability, created the first cloud identity services, delivered the first open-source identity products, and are now building the first distributed identity platform. For more information, visit us on the Web and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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